Impossibilities will be opportunities

The fear of man brings a snare, But he who trusts in the LORD will be exalted. Proverbs 29:25 (NASB) I have not called you to be conformers to this world but reformers of it. I have not called you to be politically correct, but I have called you to righteousness and love. I have […]

A Spiritual Battle

The Lord says, ‘Yes, you are in a battle but you must remember that it is a spiritual one. I am not calling you to bring change by being at war with people. I am calling you to be the one that brings love and peace into all situations and the lives of those around you. […]

My voice dispels confusion

It is time to put confusion away from your mind! You have believed the lie that the confusion you have been experiencing was part of your mind and an inadequacy that was part of who you are. I underline and highlight to you now: that is a lie! That confusion has been an attachment to […]

I love to hear you speak

Father God says: “I want you to communicate with me on a daily basis. Talk to me and tell me how you’re doing, what you like, what you dream about, what challenges you face and what you struggle with. I want you to talk to me. I know all there is to know and see […]

Provision for you

I am your Provider. I am surely Jehovah Jireh, “The Lord Will Provide”. You have read about, heard about, studied and believed in the lives of people who were provided for by me. You know and believe that my provision, my gracious hand was always upon their shoulder… and that my provision continues throughout history. […]

Celebrate the Victory!

Come, let us celebrate together, for your God has triumphed gloriously. He has defeated all foes and none can compare to His power and might and splendour. Throw off your rags of despair, for today is a day of praise and celebration at the victories of your God. Today is a day for seeing again […]

Let it Go

My child, I know. I know that you think your walk with me would be easier sometimes if it were not alongside other saints! I understand that you have been insulted, misunderstood, overlooked, rejected, wounded, ignored, hurt, confused and forgotten by those who are your brothers and sisters in Christ. I know. Yet, haven’t you also […]

Time to be Free

My child, I know the pain that you are experiencing. I know and can see that pressure and pain behind your right eye that you have carried for what seems so long and that you wondered if you would ever be free from. That pressure that builds and causes distraction when you try to worship, […]

I Am Your Healer

Did you know that I am your healer? I will provide all that you need. Bring me your heart, your pain, your worry; bring me your physical pain, your disability, your brokenness – for I am the God who heals, who puts together what has been broken. What is shattered I will restore. Why are […]

Holding You for Healing

I am holding you, like a mother holds a baby. You are close to me, completely surrounded and protected. I am holding you this way very specifically because I am beginning, in you, a time of healing in your very foundations. I want to heal the wounds in you that were caused by negative and […]